Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fitpet/Wagg Project - The best care for your best friends

UPDATE 3/2016
"Collabrodor" Android App ALPHA testing has been started. 

You are wellcome to be the tester!

UPDATE 2/2016:
We have gotten a brilliant idea and currently working on the project to implement that.
Here is the announcement:

"Collabrodor is the app that will help pet parents and their families better monitor the wellness and illness related events in their pet's life and provide a report that can be shared within the family or with the pet's veterinarian.  From food and medicine administration to when the pet has an accident or is sick, this app will collect that information and help you be able to understand the trends in our pet's daily activities and communicate that information effectively to a vet or other caregiver.

Perfomalist team is presenting at international conference in Orlando.

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