Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Searching for good tech. writers to provide content to a tech. blog

We have opened the job on https://www.upwork.com/ with the following description:

Writing technical posts for www.CMG.org technical blog

We are looking for technical writers with system (computer/software) engineering background to post regularly information related to the system performance engineering (Capacity Planning, Capacity Management, Performance Management/Testing). The content could be some  news related to the CMG (Computer Measurement Group) activities (seminars, webinars, conferences and publications), technical news aggregation (about computer capacity and performance) from other internet resources and editing of the CMG members posts.

To make an offer we need to get a test/sample post (or two) on the subject of the blog. Based on evaluation all candidates' posts we hope to hire the best one. 

The , please put your sample as a comment to this post or to the featured post "Call for Post" on the blog prototype is here: 

Computer Measurement

Perfomalist team is presenting at www.CMGimpact.com international conference in Orlando.

PRODUCT:  www.Perfomalist.com www.CMGimpact.com LinkedIn Post ABSTRACT: The MASF/SETDS method of detecting changes and anomalies in performa...